The Summer We Went West

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these are shows that we can remember playing. there have been countless coffee houses/impromptu street and house shows, and tons of other places where we might have been. if you were at one of those, please let us know so we can put it up here)
a complete listing of burrito tour 2006 dates will be posted soon

  • 9-14-06, WMUC 88.1fm w/ Meneguar, French Stewart, Harpoon

  • 8-1-06, B-Happy House w/ DawnTreader, Hobis, Bezouts identity, track of monarchs, they and the children, towers, peter & craig, hypothesis, thieves, northern liberties

  • 7-31-06, WMUC radio w/ DawnTreader, After Thought, Hobis

  • 12-25-05, be happy house (Philly) w/ algernon cadwallader, magic moon, hobis, peter & craig, ryerose, us funk team, velouria, animal kingdom, and peanutbutter & jelly

  • 11-19-05, be happy house (Philly) w/ Glaciers, peter & craig, end of a year, dear tonight

  • 11-18-05, The Daphne House (9pm. 4211 32nd street, mt rainier md 20712) w/ real live tigers, dustinandthefurniture, jakuta and carl II

  • 9-24.05, The Crib w/ Human Host, +more TBA, FREE

  • 9-16-05, WMUC 88.1fm WMUCFEST05 w/ Dawn Treader, The Fake Accents,French Stewart, The Tasty Habits, and many more. Free

  • 8-18-05, Philly w/ D'Amore, US Funk Team, Towers

  • 8-17-05, The Free Space (Long Island) w/ Towers, D'Amore, The Exelar

  • 8-15-05, American Legion (285 Smith St. Providence) w/ Goat Island, Now Denial, They & The Children, D'Amore, Towers

  • 5-26-05, The Crib w/Soltero, Lovers, Kid Tiger

  • 3-05-05, WMUC 88.1fm w/Hi Ho Six Shooter, Hue of Two, Sing Sing Prison, Danke

  • 2-12-05, Ten Car Pileup w/Sylvan Screen, Morning for the Masses, A Soldier and His Vodka, The Soma Solution

  • 12-18-04, The Crib w/ Kid Tiger, Jakuta and Carl, North of No South

  • 10-10-04, The Crib w/ They Can Never Take Our Crow, 100 dbs, Dallas Obat

  • 5-16-04, WMUC 88.1fm w/ La Gorda, The Beltways, Water School

  • 4-02-04, Nyumburu Cultural Center w/ The Fake Accents, Bustghosters, Jakuta and Carl, Mai and Me

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